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Oxycodone is one of the leading pain relief drug prescribed in the US. It is primarily a narcotic drug used to relieve pain and also act as a cough suppressant. The composition and effect is similar to hydrocodone, codeine and morphine and it goes a long way to relieve pain by increasing tolerance to it even though it does not completely eliminate it. Oxycodone is often combined with acetaminophen or aspirin and works by stimulating the narcotic receptors or the opioids in the brain.

Oxycodone is sold under brand names as well as in generic forms and from various sources, which all contribute to the cost of oxycodone.These differences are identified by its subtle differences in the shape, size, color and imprint of the drug. It is a leading drug prescribed in clinical medicine as a schedule II narcotic analgesic. The various Oxycodone brand names include:

Oxyfast – This is the in the form of immediate release

Roxicodone; OxyContin – These are in the form of controlled release

Percodan – This comes in combos with drugs like aspirin which are non-narcotic analegics

Roxicet; Percocet – In combos with non-narcotic analegics like acetaminophen

Both the brand names and the generic versions are available in multiple forms like tablets and capsules as well as liquids.

Like any other narcotic pain relievers, oxycodone also manifests certain side-effects. Common opioid drug effects include nausea, headaches and euphoria, somnolence, constipation and pruritus, and often CNS depression. Long term usage of Oxycodone can lead to dependence on the drug and can this become addictive. Stopping the drug intake abruptly can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms. Long term usage can make the user immune to the drug and increasing the dosage to get the required effects can be dangerous as it can very easily lead to Oxycodone overdose. Cheap Oxycodone is available to most, but it's convenience and affordability allows for easy abuse.

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There are numerous online Oxycodone pharmacies available to patients needing medication. Contrary to popular belief, Oxycontin without prescriptions is available to the general public.

Percocet is the combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen which narcotic and non-narcotic pain relievers respectively. It can work both on moderate and severe pain by working on the brain to change and adapt the body to respond and tolerate the pain.

Roxicodone is actively made of oxycodone and is synthesized as a semi-synthetic opiate from thebaine. The dosage varied between 5mg, 15mg and 30mg tablets depending on the case – whether the pain is chronic or moderate.

OxyContin is the controlled release version of the Oxycodone. It is a narcotic analgesic prescribed for chronic cases where the pain is severe and needs constant relief over a period of time. It is basically an oral form of oxycodone hydrochloride which induces the brain and the nervous system to adapt and adjust to the pain by relieving the stress. It needs prescription as it is not available off the counter.

Roxicet uses the narcotic ingredient in it to numb the feeling of pain and send signals to the brain which allows the patient to withstand the pain better. This form of Oxycodone medication can treat moderate as well as chronic cases depending on dosage. Medical supervision is advised to be aware of its positive as well as negative effects.

Percodan is the oral form of Oxycodone and is effective for mild as well as severe cases. It is a combo of Aspirin and opioid agonist in its purest form and should always be taken under prescription and medical guidance. As a potent narcotic pain reliever, Percodan can easily be abused as a drug and therefore needs discretion during its use.

The above information given on Oxycodone and in its various forms is purely for research purpose and is aimed as supplementing your doctor’s advice. This is not comprehensive data and is not conducive to go and buy the drug without prescription. This is not sales document and cannot be used to treat or procure the drug in any form without medical guidance. does not say that the drug can be safely taken without side-effects. It simply provides generic and helpful information in addition to adoctor’s advice.

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